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The island of Vis, Unique Mediterranean treasure

In the midst of the sea's vast expanse stands out a place of solemn peace and wilderness, the island of Vis. During the entire half of the 20th century foreigners were not allowed to visit Vis, which was a restricted military zone. Due to its long term isolation Vis has remained free from tourism and architectural devastation of its coastal areas. Today it is one of the most well preserved secrets of the Croatian Adriatic coast and the oasis of biodiversity, recently voted one of Mediterranean's top ten heavenly places  by the World Wildlife Fund.  Vis is in the heart of Europe, and yet a refuge from modern life. Tourists come here to seek isolation in the wild, untouched island of hot summers and mild winters, pine forests, vineyards, orchards, fields, karst, caves and hidden picturesque coves.

Vis hides underwater secrets as well. Scenery beneath the sea surface will leave you breathless.  Besides a rich diversity of marine life, this silent underwater kingdom is also a home to ancient shipwreck remains, former beauties of the Italian and Austro-Hungarian fleet sunk in the first battle of armor-plated ships in 1886, and American  flying forts, sunk in 1944.

Komiža is a very beautiful fishing town with picturesque stone houses and the greatest amount of sunny days in Croatia. Ancient carob-trees adorn this town, and medicinal Mediterranean herbs and vegetation such as rosemary, sage, lavander and St. John's wort grow on the surrounding slopes, once covered with vineyards. These slopes also provide great natural protection from bad weather.

Our apartament is located on the northern slope overlooking Komiza, five minutes walk from the beach.



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